National As-Built and Scan to BIM

As-Built drawings have always been a pain point in the construction industry. Accuracy can be suspect, and timelines are can always be improved. Making as-builts part of the pre-design process is an integral part of any project's success. Creating dependable models or CAD drawings in an efficient and cost-effective way is what we are all about. Rest assured, we are the folks for just about any As-Built modeling / drawing job.

At Scan Skunks, we use various state-of-the-art LiDAR scanners to get accurate reality capture and existing conditions. These multiple scanners allow for timely data. On-site, we are fast, thorough, and accurate.

We know your job is important, and we will deliver the top result every time. From 3d Revit models, to 2D CAD drawings, drone services, and digital twin capture, we have the solution for your project. 

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